Our Market Research and Assessment Services

To provide the groundwork for market access and commercialization strategy, MCRA’s market research team assesses the market trends and competitive landscape relevant to a client’s technology.  The assessments are focused on understanding US market dynamics and how a client’s technology will fit in the evolving framework.  MCRA’s approach is tailored to where a technology is in its life-cycle and incorporates both primary and secondary research.   MCRA will source market data, and competitive intelligence, looking carefully at how a technology can fit into the care continuum and address unmet needs.  MCRA also uses extensive primary research, such as physicians and facility administrator interviews and surveys to understand adoption and pricing considerations.

Key tasks include:

  • Research into epidemiology, patient population, growth trajectory, and cost drivers

  • Understanding challenges for the target condition(s) and with current standard of care

  • Determining key specialties for adoption, clinical and economic stakeholders

  • Analysis of competitors related to the technology

  • Evaluation on how the product compares to competing therapies in terms of value proposition, business model, and clinical position

  • Conduct pricing analysis and provide strategic pricing recommendations

  • Interviews and surveys to gather stakeholder feedback on a novel technology

  • Facility administrator research to gauge value-analysis committee requirements and pricing to determine demand prior to a commercial launch


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