Our Therapeutic Expertise


Neurology & Neurosurgical Devices

Neurology & Neurosurgical Devices are at the core of MCRA’s 150+ years of experience. We advise leading orthopedic healthcare companies across a wide range of clinical issues. 

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Spinal Devices

MCRA's spine expertise has been strengthened through projects with over 500 clients in the past 10 years.

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Orthopedics & Orthopedic Devices

Led by the former Branch Chief of the US FDA's Orthopedic Devices Branch, MCRA's orthopedics team is skillfully positioned to take on any orthopedic projects.

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Cardiology & Cardiovascular Devices

MCRA Cardio has decades of combined cardiovascular experience and direct oversight from a former FDA Branch Chief in cardiovascular devices. 

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Wound Care & Dermatology Devices

MCRA's proprietary system of combining our integrated services in clinical trials lends itself very well to the wound care technology lifecycle.

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Biologics & Combination Devices

MCRA is well-positioned to help clients overcome the scientific and manufacturing complexities of biologic product development. 

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Imaging, Robotics & Digital Health

Our team has industry leading experience with advanced first-in-class medical devices, including the most recent robotic, diagnostic and image-assisted surgical devices. 

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General & Plastic Surgery

We have decades of experience with the complete risk-spectrum of surgical  devices, ranging from low-risk devices to complex first-in-class high-risk devices.

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