Bringing Imaging, Robotics, & Digital Health Solutions to Market

Imaging, digital, and robotic medical device companies face numerous challenges bringing new technologies to market. Not only do they need to be sure the robotic and imaging solutions they introduce meet industry needs, but they also have to be aware of concerns over rising healthcare costs. Many manufacturers within the advanced image and robotics sectors also must deal with internal limitations due to understaffing and capitalization. This is where MCRA’s digital health consulting and robotics specialization can be a significant boon for these companies. Our team of dedicated digital, robotics, and medical imaging consultants make bringing new ideas to the robotic and medical imaging systems market much smoother overall.

Our Experience in Imaging, Digital Health, & Robotics Consulting

Our team has industry leading experience with advanced first-in-class medical devices, including the most recent robotic, diagnostic, and image-assisted surgical devices. MCRA offers top quality advise and representation for companies navigating the complex route to market for robotics medical devices that feature a significant software component. With the help of our medical imaging consultants, our clients gain the support they need to bring their technologies to the people who need it the most. Our digital health consulting and robotics consulting expertise provide all the knowledge and industry know-how necessary to overcome all obstacles with regard to research and development, marketing, and compliance. We bring a considerable amount of experience in all aspects of the robotic and medical imaging markets to accelerate virtually any type of project our clients might have.

From the clinical trial stage all the way through to untangling insurance reimbursement issues, we stand by our clients’ side to ensure their MRI, robotics, and digital health image product development is successful.

MCRA’s experience includes:

  • Fluoroscopy devices
  • Guidance systems
  • Video systems
  • Robotic surgery systems
  • Software
  • Applications

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Alex Cadotte

Alex Cadotte, Ph.D.

Vice President, Digital Health, AI, and Radiology Regulatory Affairs