MCRA advises leading and developing general and plastic surgery companies throughout the product lifecycle. We advise on an assortment of products from the latest materials, biologics and tissues, devices, as well as, all types of indications and patient populations within the general and plastic surgery market.

Our Experience in General & Plastic Surgery Devices

MCRA’s team of clinical, quality, and regulatory experts have decades of experience with the complete risk-spectrum of surgical devices, ranging from low-risk devices to complex first-in-class high-risk devices. Our team has a proved track record in assisting clients in the entire technology life cycle, from research and development, through commercialization. 

We are dedicated to providing our clients with best-in-class services to ensure they meet their product development and commercialization objectives. With our global regulatory and scientific expertise behind them, our customers can navigate through the entire innovation process with minimal friction so their technologies can achieve widespread use. Our commitment to ensuring medical devices reach those who would benefit from them most informs everything we do for our clients.

MCRA's experience with general and plastic surgery devices includes:

•    Aspirators

•    Bandages

•    Barrier devices

•    Biomaterials

•    Implants

•    Compression garments

•    Dermal fillers

•    Dressings

•    Garments

•    Glues

•    Laser devices

•    Light therapy devices

•    Saline solutions

•    Scaffolding

•    Staples

•    Surgical instruments

•    Surgical mesh

•    Sutures

•    Syringes


Our Team

It is only due to the expertise and experience of our team that we are able to offer so much to our clients for the development of general and plastic surgery devices. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure the companies we work with have the best overall experience. 


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