Our Integrated Approach to Medical and Scientific Writing

MCRA's team of medical writers can help clients develop manuscripts, white papers, posters, and publications for marketing products to surgeons and payors. Our team is experienced in working with clients to select the best orthopedic journals and conferences to showcase their products and highlight the benefits of their technology over the existing treatment options.

Being able to communicate the findings of your research thoroughly and professionally is critical for your organization. Your studies not only need to demonstrate your scientific expertise but also your grasp of communications skills. Numerous different audiences will review your manuscripts throughout the clinical trial process. Each one must be able to understand the information you provide in the way that is most relevant and appropriate to its objectives. With our experience across a broad spectrum of therapeutic specialties, we have the ability to provide you with successful, effective communication in a variety of publications. Our scientific and medical writing expertise can help optimize your timeline for regulatory approval and introducing new devices to the market.

Our medical writing services include:

  • Abstract preparation
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Overseeing the manuscript submission and review process including any review rebuttals and manuscript revisions required before the manuscript gets accepted for publication
  • Clinical study report writing

It isn’t enough to conduct research — you need to be able to present your findings to the world in a way that’s easy for all to understand. This ensures the value of your new product will be fully appreciated. Whether you choose MCRA to provide you with the full range of CRO services or leverage our proven expertise for a single aspect of your research, you can count on us to deliver exceptional results.


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Abigail Allen

Abigail Allen

Vice President, Clinical Affairs