Our Integrated Approach

MCRA can assist and advise the sponsor with proposals and selection of vendors such as core imaging labs, central labs, bioanalytical labs, and IP management companies. Prior to study launch, MCRA can assist the sponsor with vendor training. Once the study is under way, MCRA can help the sponsor manage the vendors to ensure that they meet key project milestones.

Our approach to clinical trial vendor management ensures clients have comprehensive coverage for every aspect of the process. This is critical for a successful trial that yields the desired results. For example, vendors must be thoroughly vetted the determine they are qualified for the specific subject matter. We leverage our expertise and knowledge to verify that all vendors have the necessary credentials and experience. This includes for highly specialized roles such as clinical trial data management vendors.

Bringing prior knowledge is not enough — another critical component of managing vendors is training the vendor’s personnel so they understand and are ready to implement the client’s specific approach during the trial. Our capabilities mean our clients can stop worrying about micromanaging their vendors and focus on more-important tasks.

Why Work With MCRA?

With our extensive clinical trial vendor management experience, we help our clients enjoy a smoother process that delivers the results in the most effective manner. In addition, our full range of CRO services and proven expertise gives us the ability to provide as much assistance as they require for their specific circumstances. To learn more about what we have to offer, get in touch with one of our representatives today. 


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Abigail Allen

Abigail Allen

Vice President, Clinical Affairs