Our Biocompatibility Experience and Services

Biocompatibility testing is expensive, time consuming, and often an unexpected hurdle on the path to the US market. MCRA has extensive experience successfully navigating FDA’s biocompatibility expectations for complex medical devices. MCRA’s biocompatibility experts include multiple former FDA biocompatibility reviewers. Our experts specialize in finding the least burdensome biocompatibility evaluation pathway. We develop the most efficient combination of rationales, plans for biological testing & chemical characterization, and risk assessments to maximize our clients’ chances of success.

Instrumental to our success is collaborative, early interaction with preclinical test labs. In addition, MCRA’s independent perspective ensures that your biocompatibility test plan excludes any unnecessary testing.

MCRA offers the following biocompatibility services:

•    Response to FDA deficiencies

•    Biocompatibility strategy development for new devices, combination products, device changes, material supplier changes

•    Biological testing and chemical characterization plans

•    Test article preparation

•    Chemical Characterization (Extractables & leachables testing) design and remediation (ISO 10993-18:2020)

•    Toxicological risk assessment (TRA) planning and remediation

•    Gap assessments to the ISO 10993 series of standards

•    Biological evaluation reports

•    Rationales based on materials and manufacturing in lieu of biocompatibility testing

•    Test report review

•    Device materials selection

•    Risk mitigation strategies for impurities and degradants

•    International biocompatibility requirements (International Biocompatibility)


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