Anesthesia and Critical Care Device Experience

MCRA focuses on assisting clients on a daily basis to ensure appropriate coverage and reimbursement for medical procedures and medical devices. Key Anesthesia and Critical Care device areas of expertise include:

  • Abnormal Breathing Sound Devices

  • Airway Monitoring Systems

  • Algesimeters

  • Anesthesia catheters, filters, and needles

  • Anesthesia gas and oxygen masks

  • Anesthesia gas machines and vaporizers

  • Anesthesia pain monitors

  • Apnea monitors

  • Breathing Frequency Monitor

  • Breathing Gases Mixer

  • Carbon dioxide absorber and anesthetic gas scavengers

  • CPAP and BiPAP devices

  • Cricothyrotomy devices

  • Dental Protectors

  • Depth of anesthesia monitors

  • Endotracheal, endobronchial, and tracheostomy tubes and stylets

  • End-tidal CO2 monitors and masks

  • Epidural catheters, needles, and delivery devices

  • Gas Analyzers

  • High flow oxygen delivery devices

  • Humidifier and masks

  • Hyperbaric chambers

  • Infant baby monitors

  • Laryngoscopes

  • Nebulizers

  • Nerve stimulators

  • Nitric oxide delivery and generating devices

  • Opioid use disorder devices

  • Oral and nasal airways

  • Oxygen concentrators

  • Oxygen conservers

  • Oxygen tents

  • Peripheral nerve blocks

  • Portable air compressor

  • Pulmonary function calculators

  • Pulse oximeters

  • Spirometers

  • Topical Anesthesia Applicator

  • Tracheobronchial suction catheters

  • Ultrasound guided nerve blocks

  • Ventilators

  • Ventilatory Effort Recorder

Reimbursement Services

MCRA's coding, reimbursement, and compliance experts have over 50 years of combined healthcare policy and finance services experience and have a proven track record servicing over 250 clients nationwide.

Our comprehensive reimbursement, health economics and public policy services include:

  • Call center - coding and coverage access

  • Clinical trial reimbursement

  • Coding analysis and assessments

  • Coding hotline

  • Healthcare economics

  • Medical billing and coding

  • Medical reimbursement

  • Payor outreach

  • Reimbursement resource guides

  • Strategic reimbursement

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