Walter Lindstrom, J.D.

Walter Lindstrom, J.D.

Director, Patient Access Program Operations

Walter Lindstrom spent 25 years operating Lindstrom Healthcare Advocacy, the advocacy organization he established to represent patients seeking access to new medical devices and innovative therapies used in the treatment of obesity, diseases of the cervical and lumbar spine, depression, anti-reflux surgery, glaucoma, and asthma. Walter is not only a pioneer of bariatric surgery reimbursement, but also introduced the use of the appeal and independent review processes, leading to improved medical policies from commercial and government payers.


Renowned patient advocate Walter Lindstrom, JD, joined MCRA to continue his mission to develop unique patient access programs that support healthcare professionals’ adoption of new medical technologies and novel approaches to treatment that improve lives.


At MCRA, Walter builds on the decades of experience he has provided clients with critical Patient Access Program services – ranging from benefits verifications to prior authorizations and appeals – which are often necessary to ensure patients benefit from the transformative healthcare technologies that are needed to meet the demand for value-based care models.

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