Jocelyn Bailey

Jocelyn Bailey

Senior Director, Data Management

Prior to joining MCRA, Jocelyn worked in clinical data management at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) including the National Cancer Institute and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. While at the NIH, she provided daily supervisory oversight to data managers and data entry specialists, as well as assisting in developing, improving, and refining data management processes on an ongoing basis. Jocelyn mentored and trained new clinical data managers while also coordinating and ensuring data entry and data verification were completed in accordance with SOPs, Good Clinical Practices, and Good Clinical Data Management Practices.


Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Sciences-Public Health from Indiana University.


Jocelyn is a clinical data professional with over a decade of experience in clinical data management and in the clinical research industry. She is versatile and forward-thinking with experience in the collection and integration of high-quality data to support successful clinical conclusions and outcomes.


After joining MCRA in 2016, Jocelyn has provided expert leadership within the Data Management department. She is responsible for overseeing the daily activities of the data management team, including development of data management plans, database builds, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). She designs innovative data collection plans, manages quality control of collected data, and creates custom tools and intuitive databases for end-users. Jocelyn excels at establishing productive relationships with clients and provides support as they traverse the clinical study world. During her tenure, Jocelyn has been essential in growing the MCRA data management team to nearly quadruple its initial size and building the data management portfolio. She has also played a vital role in establishing a partnership with three data capture system providers and has contributed to guiding them in the evolution of current and future products.

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