Chris Lotter

Chris Lotter

Vice President, Biostatistics & Data Management

Chris is an accomplished and respected leader in the fields of Biostats, Programming and Data Management operations. With more than eighteen years of experience and expertise in both operations, execution and in managing global teams ranging from Biostats Programming and Data Management in a broad range of therapeutic areas. 


Chris attended the Central University of Technology (CUT) in South Africa and completed his undergraduate education in Information Technology and Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering & Information and Communication Technology at the end of 2000, majoring in Project Planning in SDLC in Information Technology and Computer Programming in COBOL, Visual Basic, C, C++, HTML, with a minor in network engineering, business accounting, and statistics. Chris has also completed various certificate programs including Lean Six Sigma (yellow belt), Advanced Unix/Linux network engineering and web programming that included Perl and JavaScripting.


Previously, Chris spent 16 years at Parexel International, where he built and led various global operation teams for over 9 years. He led the planning and execution of various large Partnership builds with industry leading and well-known Pharma clients since 2009. Chris became Account group head of various large Enterprise accounts during his last few years with Parexel and was also named head of Global Data Management operations for Clin Pharm on all early phase data science work executed in Parexel owned Early Phase Clinical units. Since 2010 Chris focused on client needs and improving R&D cycle time in both Data Management and clinical programming and biostats deliverables. Chris was able to lead Data Management and clinical programming teams to significant improvement in cycle time execution across deliverables and especially in LSLV to database lock metric with a less than 7% unlock rate as a testament to first time quality in his teams. Additionally, he led the Data Science operations for Early Product Development (Biotech clients) since 2012 as a new business line experiment to reduce cost in data science which grew into a premium revenue business line for the CDS Data Management and Biostats teams. Over the years, Chris has also been involved in various global execution and process improvement initiatives for Data Management, Global Clinical project leadership and Data science systems. Chris is strategic and practical in his approach to cross functional teams and Data Management; his critical thinking and industry knowledge of global practices and trends sets him apart as a unique and innovative leader in the Data Science, programming and Biostats operations field.


At MCRA, Chris leads the Data Management operations team that focuses on the entire lifecycle for Data Management operations. He provides guidance on Process improvement, Programming, Data Capture strategies and standards. He also works closely with Biostats operations and clinical development teams and provides guidance on Data science execution strategies.

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