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Spine Experience

MCRA focuses on assisting clients on a daily basis to ensure appropriate coverage and reimbursement for medical procedures and medical devices. Our reimbursement team has deep knowledge, understanding, and track record of successful first-in-class spine device reimbursement with a value-based focus. Key spine therapy areas of expertise include:

•    3D printed devices

•    Annulus repair

•    Atlanto-cervico-thoracic fixation systems

•    Bone void fillers

•    Cervical interbody cages

•    Combination devices

•    Disc nucleus replacement

•    Dura/vertebrae anti-adhesion

•    Hydrocephalic shunt devices

•    Instrument navigation systems

•    Laminoplasty plates

•    Lumbar interbody cages

•    Pain relief

•    Pedicle screw systems

•    Reconstruction of intervertebral disc

•    SI-joint screws

•    Spinal fusion

•    Spine surgery

•    Total disc replacement

•    Vertebral augmentation

•    Vertebral body replacements

Reimbursement Services

MCRA’s coding, reimbursement, and compliance experts have over 50 years of combined healthcare policy and finance services experience and have a proven track record servicing over 250 clients nationwide. 

Our comprehensive reimbursement, health economics and public policy services include: 

•    Call center – coding and coverage access

•    Clinical trial reimbursement

•    Coding analysis and assessments

•    Coding hotline

•    Healthcare economics

•    Medical billing and coding

•    Medical reimbursement

•    Payor outreach

•    Reimbursement resource guides

•    Strategic reimbursement

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