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Orthopedic Experience

MCRA focuses on assisting clients on a daily basis to ensure appropriate coverage and reimbursement for orthopedic procedures and devices.

Key orthopedic and musculoskeletal therapy areas of expertise include:

•    Allografts and demineralized bone matrix products 

•    Ambulation

•    Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair

•    Autografts

•    Bone cement

•    Bone fixation and fracture repair devices

•    Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMP)

•    Bone substitutes

•    Cartilage repair systems

•    Cartilage resurfacing devices and products

•    Growth Factors

•    Hyaluronic acid

•    Large and small joint replacement devices

•    Ligament repair

•    Limb lengthening

•    Long-bone defect repair

•    Orthotics and prosthetics

•    Osteomyelitis and peri-prosthetic infections

•    Osteoporosis

•    Pain relief

•    Platelet concentration

•    Resorbable fixation devices

•    Scaffold devices

•    Small bone implants

•    Soft tissue and tendon grafts

•    Spinal fusion (pedicle screw systems, vertebral body replacements, total disc replacements, cervical and lumbar cages, annulus repair devices, etc.)

•    Sports medicine

•    Stem cells

•    Surgical glues

•    Surgical sealants

•    Synthetic cartilage

•    Trauma

•    Xenografts

Reimbursement Services

MCRA’s coding, reimbursement, and compliance experts have over 50 years of combined healthcare policy and finance services experience and have a proven track record servicing over 250 clients nationwide.

Our comprehensive reimbursement, health economics and public policy services include: 

•    Call center – coding and coverage access

•    Clinical trial reimbursement

•    Coding analysis and assessments

•    Coding hotline

•    Healthcare economics

•    Medical billing and coding

•    Medical reimbursement

•    Payor outreach

•    Reimbursement resource guides

•    Strategic reimbursement

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