MCRA Assists Intellirod Spine with 1st ever Spine De Novo Decision by the FDA

WASHINGTON, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MCRA, LLC has announced its role in the successful granting of the first De Novo for a device intended to be used in the spine by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on March 28, 2019. This accomplishment enables Intellirod Spine™ to initiate commercialization in the U.S. of the LOADPRO™ Intraoperative Rod Strain Sensor, which is a digital health device that objectively measures mechanical strain in the sagittal plane on rods in a pedicle screw system due to load applied to correct the spine curvature. This illustrates the growing trend in using digital health to improve healthcare.

Intellirod Spine™ retained MCRA in April of 2015 to lead interactions and correspondence with the FDA.  "This is an important instrument that now allows surgeons to quantify the rod strains as rods are contoured and loaded to correct the patient's deformity, whereas surgeons currently rely on tactile feedback. Working with MCRA was an essential element in the successful navigation through the De Novo process," said Intellirod Spine's President & Chief Executive Officer, Ric Navarro.

Justin Eggleton, Vice President of Spine Regulatory Affairs at MCRA, said, "We are pleased the collaboration with FDA led to the De Novo pathway, which prompted a detailed review of the device's positive benefit-risk profile that was highlighted by the clinical experiences and innovative testing designed by Intellirod Spine that sets an important bar for future technologies to demonstrate they are as safe and effective. MCRA is at the forefront of helping companies navigate this regulatory pathway and successfully bring novel devices to the U.S. market that will benefit surgeons and their patients."

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About Intellirod Spine
Intellirod Spine™ (formerly OrthoData Inc.) was founded by renowned spine surgeon Rolando M. Puno, M.D. and professors from the University of Louisville. The company is developing multiple wearable, disposable and implantable wireless sensors for improving outcomes and lowering costs. This innovative strain monitoring system will allow spine surgeons to objectively assess intra-operative rod strain.