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Technology adoption is changing. Comparative value and comparative effectiveness are integral components of technology and procedure adoption; product pricing compared with value is currently foremost with purchasing agents; health plan contract models are shifting greater financial risk to hospitals and physicians; and comparative effectiveness is including short-term as well as annuity costs.

MCRA measures the patient-reported and health economics benefits of your product, evaluating the results from the stakeholders that can affect your product’s success: health care providers, facility purchasers, third-party payers, government regulators, and patients. In our research, we analyze existing data or design and conduct our own studies to demonstrate your product's clinical and economic value to decision makers.

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Vice President, Health Economics, Reimbursement
& Public Policy

Tim Hunter currently serves as the Vice President of Health Economics, Reimbursement & Public Policy. He has 17 years of experience helping biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and device companies understand the complex and constantly changing world of healthcare coverage and reimbursement. Read More

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