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Reimbursement coding represents the link between what a provider does for a patient and how that provider is reimbursed by public and private payors for services rendered.

MCRA’s team of coding, coverage, and reimbursement experts can help your company understand how the current coding systems impact your technology or procedure, what challenges providers may face, and opportunities to better define your technology or procedure in the future.


Commercial health plans are increasingly denying coverage for new technologies and procedures. Even a small omission of clinical information can lead to an unnecessary denial.

MCRA’s Coverage Access Management team can assist providers and patients with the pre-authorization submission and pre-authorization appeals process for commercial health insurance plans1. A coverage access team member will work with physician practices, facilities, patients, family members, and insurance companies to:

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Vice President, Health Economics, Reimbursement
& Public Policy

Tim Hunter currently serves as the Vice President of Health Economics, Reimbursement & Public Policy. He has 17 years of experience helping biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and device companies understand the complex and constantly changing world of healthcare coverage and reimbursement. Read More

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