Clinical Trial Reimbursement Services

MCRA’s reimbursement team understands your company’s concerns: tight financing, inadequate time, too much competition, and quickly changing regulatory requirements and reimbursement landscapes – require your company to rapidly commercialize your technology or miss being ahead of the curve. We believe the most integral part of the commercialization process is appropriate coverage and payment, because without sufficient reimbursement, a medical technology company will not survive.

During commercialization, MCRA can help you save time and money by strategically planning your clinical trials to collect the imperative clinical data sufficient for both regulatory approval and successful reimbursement. And through an early integration of reimbursement strategies into your trial design, MCRA can advise management, sites, and payors, which ultimately takes a large burden off of clinical sites and expedites clinical trials and time to market.

  • MCRA’s Clinical Trial Reimbursement services:

  • 1

    Trial Support
    (Site Training)

  • 2

    During the Trial

  • 3

    of Payment&

  • 4

    Real Time

  • 4

    Post Approval

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Tim Hunter currently serves as the Vice President of Health Economics, Reimbursement & Public Policy. He has 17 years of experience helping biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and device companies understand the complex and constantly changing world of healthcare coverage and reimbursement. Read More

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