Today, reimbursement is the most complex and significantly changing dynamic in healthcare technology commercialization. New governmental healthcare laws, fee schedules, coding changes, and clinical utilities are placing financial pressures on patients, providers, and payers. Both small and large medical technology companies are highly affected by these dynamics. MCRA believes successful reimbursement execution, based on an evidence-based clinical approach, is required to continue the commercialization and coverage of innovative technologies.

Medical device reimbursement requires day-by-day planning and operational execution equal to a company’s other departmental requirements, such as sales and marketing, accounting/finance, and clinical/regulatory. MCRA focuses on assisting clients on a day-to-day basis to ensure appropriate coverage and reimbursement for medical devices and related procedures. MCRA’s coding, reimbursement, and compliance experts have over 50 years of combined healthcare policy and finance services experience, and have a proven track record servicing over 250 clients nationwide.

With 50+ years of combined healthcare policy and finance services, MCRA’s medical device reimbursement team guides companies through multiple healthcare economic pathways: from technology development to commercialization and beyond. MCRA’s reimbursement services are unique and effective in assisting companies for success. We have the preeminent team for evaluating existing technologies’ current reimbursement coding, coverage and payment options, and we work to assist your company’s desires to affect trends and changes in healthcare policy. A strong reimbursement program improves product trial and acceptance, and helps physicians and providers understand how they will get paid for using a medical device.

  • MCRA works with its current clients to facilitate appropriate patient access to innovative technologies through careful planning and execution:

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Tim Hunter currently serves as the Vice President of Health Economics, Reimbursement & Public Policy. He has 17 years of experience helping biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and device companies understand the complex and constantly changing world of healthcare coverage and reimbursement. Read More

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