The experience and professionalism of our leadership is the core driver of MCRA's specialized services in regulatory, clinical, healthcare compliance, reimbursement and quality assurance. The team brings tremendous industry expertise, transaction leadership, and knowledge to our clients, and provides the backbone for the culture that makes our firm unique.

Tim Hunter

Vice President, Health Economics, Reimbursement & Public Policy

TIM HUNTER CURRENTLY SERVES AS THE VICE PRESIDENT OF HEALTH ECONOMICS, REIMBURSEMENT & PUBLIC POLICY. He has 17 years of experience helping biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and device companies understand the complex and constantly changing world of healthcare coverage and reimbursement. Mr. Hunter is responsible for assisting companies in the development and execution of strategic plans for market adoption, including preparation of coding applications, creating reimbursement pathways, preparing submissions for use by health programs (such as Medicare) and health plans (such as Blue Cross Blue Shield plans), and developing sales training materials.

Mr. Hunter joined MCRA in 2007 from Johnson & Johnson (Ortho Biotech, LLP), where he was responsible for analyzing the impact of federal legislation and regulations on company technologies and competitive markets. Mr. Hunter also has served in management functions with Covance Health Economics and Outcomes Services and the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

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