Sunshine Act & Contract
Management Software

Congress passed the Sunshine Act as part of the Affordable Care Act to shed light on financial relationships between drug and medical device manufacturers and doctors with the goal of enabling patients to make better and informed decisions when choosing healthcare professionals and deciding about treatments. The law also is meant to deter inappropriate financial relationships that might lead to increased healthcare costs. Noncompliance with the Sunshine Act has serious potential consequences, including: Fines between $10,000 - $1,000,000+; Exclusion from Medicare, Medicaid & other Federal Healthcare Programs; Inconvenience; Loss of Reputation; and Operational Risks.

MCRA’s proprietary software combines Sunshine Act Aggregation with Contract Management Software, a US Government recommended Fair Market Value Calculator, a Compliance Policy Repository, and Compliance/Incident Hotline Management. The software is user-friendly, all-inclusive, and online. It allows clients to choose between one and all of the services, and the software assists the finance/accounting, sales and marketing, clinical study, and compliance departments. MCRA’s proprietary software helps clients every day with management of their healthcare compliance requirements, and MCRA can make your Sunshine Act compliance easy and simple as well.

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People & Expertise

Colleen Nelson, M.A., J.D.

Head of Healthcare Compliance

With over twenty years of experience in healthcare compliance, Ms. Nelson manages and directs the healthcare compliance and business ethics practice for MCRA. 
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